Driving Traffic To Your Offers Using AdHitz

A great place to drive traffic to your offers is by using a platform called AdHitz.

I’ve only discovered this platform recently..

But I was shocked to find out how cheap it was to advertise with them.

It’s based around CPC (cost-per-click), meaning you pay for people clicking on your ad. Not CPM (cost-per-impression) like other bidding platforms such as Facebook, or Google Adwords.

And it’s cheaper too from $.04 – $.20 per click. So, with a budget of just $10 per week, you could get around 100 – 300 clicks per week, depending on how well your ad performs.

If you find your ad is performing really well, then simply scale up for more traffic.

This works great for internet marketing, or┬ámake money online offers, but there’s other niches that can work just as good.

In today’s video, I share how to effectively use AdHitz to promote your own offers, and share some good tips to help you along.

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