How To Find The Best Affiliate Programs (Updated for 2018)

How To Find The Best Affiliate Programs (Updated for 2018)

Need help finding affiliate programs?

Here I share exactly how to find the best affiliate programs to find offers that pay handsomely.

The Best Affiliate Programs Online

Finding affiliate programs isn’t that difficult.

There’s hundreds of different websites. It’s just a matter of searching through the ones you like. Then selecting the ones based on niche, brand, or personal preference.

Here is a list of the best affiliate programs that offer good offers. Keep in mind, some are third-party companies, and others are controlled through their own networks.


ClickBank is one of the largest retailers for digital products. They have over 6 million products (and growing) with over 200+ million customers worldwide. ClickBank’s products are open to promote freely, so opportunities are endless.


JVZoo is another popular option with a focus on digital products. There detailed stats make picking profitable products a breeze. You can easily see which products are launching, how many units sold, percentage of sales etc.


OfferVault is a unique free service that offers over 50,000+ CPA (Cost Per Action) and CPC (Cost Per Click) offers. Searching on their databases is easy through filtering such as categories, payouts, and last updated offers.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the largest online retailer specializing in physical goods. They have over 1.3 million products and offer affiliates commissions ranging from 4% to 9% – these aren’t nearly as good as other programs, but is trusted by consumers.


eBay is a marketplace to buy, or sell services ranging from digital products to physical goods. They have been around for more than 20 years. There affiliate program offers the ability to track and report affiliate sales easily.

More Ways To Find Affiliate Programs

The list above is a good start to find great offers. But there are a few other ways to find good affiliate programs.

Facebook Groups

Find affiliate programs inside groups on Facebook! Join groups to find out what products you can promote.


Forums such as Warrior Forum can have specific affiliate programs. Join in and ask questions to find offers and ideas.


Another good way to find affiliate programs is to browse through blogs. If blogs are promoting, it’s probably worth your while. This is especially the case if the same affiliate program keeps popping up. If other bloggers are promoting the same networks it’s a good sign!

Private Affiliate Programs

Some online marketers, or businesses offer private affiliate programs. To find them, simply do a Google Search for “Niche + Affiliate Programs”. Then go through them and pick the ones you like.


Everything I’ve shared today can really help you find a good affiliate program. It’s really down to you deciding, which one you want to work with and taking it from there.

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