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Why Some Internet Marketing Gurus Make Me Sick

The internet has revolutionized the way we do business online to help us make a living. There’s no denying that..

And I know how exciting it can be for newcomers to the industry when they hear things like..

“Discover How To Make a Million Dollars In 30 Days..”

“Make 6 Figures In Only a Short Amount of Time..”

Those headlines still make me laugh! Lol. Yet, social media and some internet marketing gurus are still pumping out those crazy video claims, or similar headlines like the ones above.

Now, I’m not saying all internet marketing gurus are bad. Not at all. Most are teaching and sharing excellent stuff. I am talking about the bad ones (you know who you are) that plague this industry.

Why You NEED To Hear This?

I get it.. No one will EVER pull out their credit card and buy if they hear things like..

“You will lose money, if you pursue internet marketing and maybe be broke for a few years!”

However, this is what it takes to succeed with internet marketing. Not everybody is lucky, or born into a rich family. It’s going to take work and effort from YOU. Plain and simple!

Scary to hear that, but it’s the truth!

If you are thinking it’s about paying someone some money, and presto you’re a success..


Internet marketing isn’t supposed to be as easy. It’s bloody tough. Think about it for a minute.. If internet marketing was easy then ALL of us would be millionaires.

Okay! So why do some internet marketing gurus make up these stupid fantasies and never talk about what it really takes to build an online business.

I have no idea and to be honest, I can’t really answer that. But, if you resonate with what I am saying then keep listening..

I want to share three things that I always do to grow my internet marketing business, and that most forget to mention (which I haven’t) that can help grow your internet marketing business too..

3 Things To Grow Your Internet Marketing Business

#1. Have a Deep Passion for What You Do

Here is some more truth.. You will more than likely lose money when you first start out. You might even have people close to you say; “You won’t make it!”

I know because it happened to me. So your NOT ALONE.

What I’m trying to say is – if you don’t LOVE what you do, then sooner or later, you’ll give up!

When I got started in this industry, I fell in love with online marketing. From email marketing to traffic generation. I was hooked, and I never thought once, I was going to get rich at it! All I wanted to do was learn more, apply the strategies I was learning, and grow as a business person.

I developed a deep passion for online marketing which fueled me to keep going! And that is what YOU need to do. Develop a deep passion for what YOU are doing, and don’t look back.

#2. Provide Value As Much As You Can

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new, or you’ve been at this for a while.. Always be providing value!

Your growth is 100% determined by how much value you deliver to other people’s lives. You can do this through content marketing like blogging. Video marketing on YouTube. Email marketing (which is an insane asset), or you can be sharing value on social media.

Whatever you decide to do in your online business. Just make sure to provide consistent value.

Here’s a video from Gary Vaynerchuk titled; “When You Provide Value Upfront, You Win” – which should bring the point home..

#3. Be Persistent In Your Business

Please urge this piece of advice because it drives me nuts when I mention it to people and they do the complete opposite to what I am saying.

Yes, I know how easy it is for some successful gurus when they tell you to be persistent when they have 6 figures in their bank accounts. However, they are right!

It’s sad to know that 99% of people reading this will give up a year from now. So, please don’t be one of them! You have to embrace that fact that it will suck sometimes because it will. Not everything will run smoothly in your business.

It’ll get tough.. Everybody will NOT buy your stuff. And that’s o.k..

Have a deep passion for what you do. Be persistent in your business, and provide value as much as possible.Click To Tweet

Those three things, I think everyone can get behind 🙂

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