20 List of Emotional Trigger Words To Increase Responses

20 List of Emotional Trigger Words To Increase Responses

Want to get more of a response from potential prospects?

These 20 list of emotional trigger words will help you and quite frankly, you need to know them!

Truth About Copywriting

As you’re probably already in a business, anytime I talk about copywriting I have to remind you that there are two categories…

Text and Persuasion.

Just because I LOVE to talk about copywriting does not mean you should stop learning about it. When I first started I was NOT getting any responses from my leads so I hustled like crazy until I did.

Bonus: Three Fun and Truthful Copywriting Quotes

“People aren’t interested in you. They’re interested in themselves.” – Dale Carnegie

“Decide the effect you want to produce in your reader.” – Robert Collier

“Make your advertising too valuable to throw away.” – Sonia Simone

20 List of Emotional Trigger Words


These 20 emotional trigger words are proven to increase responses for your leads. Copywriting isn’t easy but it’s well worth it.

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