3 Low Cost Home Business Models

3 Low Cost Home Business Models

Do you want to start a home business?

Here I share three low cost home business models you can look into.

Starting a Home Business

One thing that I have learned about home businesses is they don’t have to be expensive. I learned that they can have low overhead, and low monthly budgets.

Unlike traditional businesses say franchises like Mcdonalds who have to pay out thousands of dollars. No, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to begin making a profit.

You just need to realize…

Running a business takes dedication, persistence, and determination.

Three Low Cost Home Business Models

Whatever the reason for you starting a home business, nothing beats working your own schedule, and having more time freedom to do the things you LOVE doing.

Here are three affordable home business models you can tap into:

#1. Coaching/Consulting

There’s nothing quite like helping others to succeed at something – while getting paid at the same time.

Coaching is huge business, especially in the corporate world.

Basically it involves you coaching others to reach their goals by helping them make plans and executing on those plans.

People need a “push” for lots of things; starting a business, training for a career, or finding what they’re good at. Coaches serve others by keeping them on track so they get where they want to be.

Honestly, coaching will ALWAYS be in high demand.

#2. Freelance Writing

Like the sound of writing for a living? Try writing and picking up some freelance work.

Freelance writing offers the opportunity to set your own hours (as long as you meet deadlines) and writing about different topics of interest.

There are loads of resources online to find clients (such as upwork.com) and you can be up and running by TODAY.

Oh, and if you can write sales copy, you can make decent money doing that as a freelance writer too.

#3. Affiliate Marketing

This what I started in, and with less that $100 in my pocket.

Basically, you sell other people’s stuff to earn a sale. Every time someone purchases a product through one of your links (affiliate link), you get a certain percentage of the sale.

It’s a cool business model.

I recommend you follow some of my other blog posts – if this interests you.


With these three business models, being your own boss does not have to be a distant dream! You should pick one business model you like the sound of, and take action. Work hard and you’ll succeed. Period!

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