4 Simple Steps To Making Effective Youtube Videos

4 Simple Steps To Making Effective Youtube Videos

Unsure about making effective youtube videos for your channel?

In this training, I share exactly how to make youtube videos that can get more traffic, leads, or for whatever result you want.

The Tools Needed To Make Videos

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, you will need:

  1. Video recording software.
  2. Topic ideas.

There are many options to recording videos. Some are expensive and some are less expensive. One place I like to refer people often is Screencast-O-Matic because it’s free to use. You can start recording your screen for tutorial videos. Also, you can shoot webcam videos (talking head) of you appearing on camera.

(If you want to be more professional consider getting a pro subscription. You can get 20% off by clicking here.)

You can also use an iPhone (if you have one) and works great for talking head videos. Most have excellent sound and video quality.

Lastly, you will need topic ideas for your videos. Optimizing keywords will play a huge role, but once you find a topic and a good keyword to go after then you can make your videos with Screencast-O-Matic.

You don’t need expensive stuff to start making videos. Focus on delivering value and your message.

4 Simple Steps To Making Effective Youtube Videos

Now we’re on the same page, here’s a training I did that reveals 4 simple steps to making effective youtube videos that can increase traffic, leads, or sales.


If you focus on these 4 steps I mentioned in the video above, you’ll have a strong video. This can really help you get more traffic, leads, and sales. So, take action today…

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