Are You Doing These 4 Checks When Advertising?

Are You Doing These 4 Checks When Advertising?

Are you low on prospects?

Here’s 4 checks when advertising to get more prospects.

4 Major Checks When Advertising Online

Every so often I get asked from marketers that goes something like…

“Hey Carl, I bought some advertising but I’m getting no leads. Zero. Can you help me please?”

A question like this will always set off alarm bells for me. It makes me wonder whether there capture pages are in order, or if they’re advertising the right pages at all.

I investigate the URL and to my surprise, it looks like this:

Ouch. It sucks when this happens and it can happen to anyone.

We as marketers must ALWAYS be monitoring our capture pages and sales funnels. I can’t stress this enough. If you’re not getting the results you want, take a closer look at your capture page.

Is it pulling up in a browser? Is it loading fast?

Look at your page using a desktop browser, AND a mobile browser. Are both versions working the way you want it?

If the page is not working, or isn’t to your liking, don’t expect prospects to opt into the page.


In summary, always monitor your capture page. You’re wasting time and money when you don’t. I want to see you succeed so don’t be lazy and check your work often.

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