Believe In The Good In The World

Believe In The Good In The World

The news and media pump out negativity all the time. But, I think it’s important to believe in the good in the world.

And here’s why.

I Believe In Good People

Yes, there is plenty of negativity and bad people in the world. Rapists, murderers, corrupt politicians, etc. But I believe in good people. I believe there are MORE people out there that care and genuinely want to see mankind thrive.

Sunday morning, I watched a short clip that put a smile on my face, and warmed my heart. This just confirmed my belief in the good of people.

Give it a watch…


So how about being a little more kind to your fellow man? Here’s 5 random acts of kindness to brighten someone’s day:

  1. Take some snacks to a charity organization.
  2. If you see someone struggling with their bags, help them out.
  3. Spare some change to the poor.
  4. Maybe help a little old lady cross the street.
  5. Send an email to a mentor, teacher, or person that helped influence you over the years.

What is a random act of kindness you can think of, or you have done? Leave me a comment below.

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