12 Blogging Tips and Tricks

12 Blogging Tips and Tricks

Blogging is a great way to grow your business. Today I share 12 blogging tips and tricks for you.

If you want more leads, sales, and results, pay close attention to this post.

Do You Really Need To Blog?

Short answer, no. Some people don’t want to blog and prefer to rely on other means like social media to grow their businesses and that’s fine. Social media is powerful.

You can absolutely crush it without a blog, I just think life becomes easier when you have a blog. Blogging can help grow your brand to the point that people are reaching out to you.

Or am I crazy 🙂

12 Blogging Tips and Tricks To Get More Results

1. Always use images to make your blog and posts more attractive. Believe it or not, people will consume your content from the quality of your pictures. Having good images increases the value of your content and the likelihood of people who continue reading.

2. Never leave your content as one long paragraph. Having a bunch of text makes it hard for people to read, especially if the text is on a white background. Break up your text, so if you’ve got a paragraph of 5 lines, start a new paragraph.

3. Use a P.S. as a call to action. This is such a simple way to promote pretty much anything you want. Include a P.S. line at the bottom of your content telling people to check out your stuff.

4. Link to other relevant posts within your blog post. This is a popular search engine optimization technique and helps to lower bounce rate. In other words, to keep people on your blog longer. Find keywords in your blog posts and link to other relevant posts to improve your rankings.

5. Don’t use crazy colours. Never have big crazy colours on your blog. Red and green doesn’t work together. But black and white do. Experiment to see what works.

6. Always reply to comments. When people leave comments, reply back and continue the conversation. It shows you’re paying attention and you care, and it’s also something that search engines take into consideration.

7. Comment on other people’s blogs that are relevant to yours. From time to time, comment on other blogs that are similar to your blog. Why? Because it can drive free traffic and is a simple backlink method to help grow your blog.

8. Share your blog content to your email lists. The best thing you can do to grow your blog is to share your content to your email list. You’ll be delivering value, goodwill, and establishing yourself as an expert. This can massively increase sales.

9. Share your content through social media. I touched on social media earlier, but sharing your content through social media can help to get more exposure. Just do it.

10. Don’t make your blog posts to long. I tend to skip content that is to long, and maybe you do too. Respect people’s time. If you have to write long posts split them up into other content, to publish for another day.

11. Don’t worry too much about SEO. Please don’t stress over search engine optimization. Just provide good value and over time, you’ll start to rank for keywords. Google and the other search engines are quite clever in knowing which is quality content, or not.

12. Be consistent. I can’t stress this enough. Be blogging on a regular basis. A minimum of once per week, but more is better. If you publish content one week and then three weeks later nothing, it’s not going to help you in anyway. Stay consistent.


If you implement this 12 blogging tips I’ve just shared, over time your blogging will improve. Some are easy, and maybe too easy but nevertheless… Take action and remember, stay consistent.

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