Ethical Marketing Vs Unethical Marketing

Ethical Marketing Vs Unethical Marketing

There are people that lie, cheat, or market without permission. Let me share the difference between ethical marketing vs unethical marketing.

Warning: I get a little fired up in this article!

Ethical Marketing Vs Unethical Marketing

Unfortunately, it’s now more common (that I hear on a regular basis) for people to do unethical marketing.

What I mean is people are doing some crazy stuff to cheat systems, products, or whatever just to make quick money because they think they can get away with it.

They think people are not watching… Wrong!

Comments and questions like; “Hey, I made 105 CPL (cost-per-lead) sales… Where is my money?” or “I have made 20 sales this month, why haven’t you paid?”.

First off, know there are steps in place to determine if the lead is real and will ONLY pay if it’s a confirmed lead.

And other times, products are flat out ripping people off, not paying, closing down because of poor structure, marketing without permission, and so on. Yikes!

Sad, but true. 🙁

Raising The Bar & Becoming Ethical Marketers

Internet marketing or any niche involved in business will have a bad rep because of how people market. Simple as that.

The so called “gurus” teaching others how to market (but not really marketing properly) their businesses. It’s crazy stuff.

The only way to combat these unethical marketers, and scumbag sale sharks is to do ethical marketing. And by that I mean to market the right way from the start.

Get educated and learn. Zig while others zag, and teach others to do the same. Follow a mentor (of your choosing) until you find out he/she is lying to you.


Few, glad I got that off my chest. But, I am hoping this message gets across because we don’t have to stoop to this level. This industry is amazing and abundant and we don’t have to treat others like this. Here’s to your abundance and hope you aren’t affiliated with any systems, and products that teach unethical marketing.

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