5 Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

5 Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

Want more traffic to your website?

Here I share 5 search engine optimization tips and tricks to get more traffic to your website.

Follow these tips and you WILL get more search engine traffic!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization or SEO for short, is a process that any website can follow to optimize for more organic search results thus improving their rankings.

It’s a great way to get free targeted traffic and gaining more exposure.

5 Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

#1. Title, Description, and Tags. Make sure to include your keyword in the title, description, and tag. When you go to write your post, these three fields will be available, especially to wordpress users.

#2. Keywords To The Front. Try to have your keyword as far as to the front as possible in your H1 title.

#3. Keyword Rich Thumbnail Images. Add an image thumbnail to your post with your keyword in it. Just like I did for this post. Basically name it your keyword – then upload as a thumbnail image, and add to the “alt” tag.

#4. Write Naturally. 3 years ago you were told to include a keyword at least 2-5% in the text. That meant for every 100 words of text, your keyword would show up 2-5 times. DON’T DO THIS ANYMORE. Google is looking for keyword stuffing and you could get into trouble! Just focus on writing naturally and make sure the keyword is showing up every now and then.

#5. Inter Link. Link internally whenever possible. Check how wikipedia do it. They pass their own authority all over their site and link between posts. When you can, try to add internal links in each post. Make sure each link opens in a new tab. This will help to lower bounce rate and keep people on your site more. Google and the other search engines love this!


I’ll say again, search engine optimization is an excellent way to get free targeted traffic. It just takes practice, practice, and more practice. Just like anything else in life. There more you do… The better you get at it, and this is no different.

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