Weird Twitter Bio Trick To Get FREE Leads

Weird Twitter Bio Trick To Get FREE Leads

Do you want free leads for your business?

Who doesn’t! In this training you will learn about a twitter bio trick that involves a simple tweak to your profile, but can make a huge difference to generating leads, or traffic.

How I Discovered This Weird Twitter Bio Trick?

To be honest, I discovered this twitter bio trick by complete chance.

I know you can drive endless amounts of free traffic from twitter by simply tweeting out, but I didn’t know you could include links in the bio section.

So, all I did was add a brief intro and a call to action to visit my website.

I also tracked to see if people would click, and they did! To my surprize… I generated 36 leads in a short amount of time for free 🙂


As you can see… It’s really easy to do and it’s such a subtle but effective technique to get free traffic from twitter. I encourage you to try it out for yourself.

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Carl Davies

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